Thursday, February 8, 2018

Costa Rica

Travelling in the small Central American nation of Costa Rica, one is impressed by the varied topography and the stunning array of wildlife. From the Monteverde Cloud Forest to Caribbean beaches to mangrove jungles and volcanoes - the fauna and flora are incredible. Tiny psychedelic, neon green and blue frogs, iridescent purple hummingbirds, massive day-glow orange lizards, sleepy,  and, well - slothful sloths -  can all be readily encountered in their natural and preserved habitats.

Life is glorious, abundant and uninhibitedly in your face here!


Of course, Costa Rica is not just its wilderness. The people are kind, proud and very hospitable. And as it is an election year - the people of San José voice their opposition to oppression, and as everywhere - proclaim their need to live and express themselves freely.