Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Poor Electoral Choice - Ecocide is Suicide

I feel disappointed in the voting behaviour of the people of BC. The result of yesterday's provincial election points to a selfish short-sightedness. The people chose short term economic gain, while ignoring the long term risks of environmental devastation associated with increased reliance on carbon fuel - fracking in BC, and transporting Alberta tar sands to our pristine coast by tankers and pipelines.

The result of the elections can, at least in part, be interpreted as a shameful nod of support for an outdated and unsustainable model that places mindless consumption ahead of environmental  stewardship. We are intrinsically connected to Nature. Destroying her is destroying us; ecocide is suicide.

The BC vote also appears to reflect the electorate's willingness to establish closer ties to Harper's dangerous and unethical profit-at-all costs agenda that is gradually wrecking this country  and  causing upheaval around the world.

Perhaps it's time to initiate a support group for those afflicted with post-election dysphoria.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gaza, Palestine

The farmers are harvesting wheat by hand. Although it's April 2013, it may as well be the stone age.  As the occupying forces of the Israeli military control all aspects of life here, these people are prevented from using tools. A scythe may, after all be a terrorist's weapon. As is often the case in Palestine, reality is turned on its head. The aging peasants, some in traditional folk dresses are juxtaposed with armored vehicles, observation blimps, and soldiers in combat gear stationed a mere 150 meters away.

The boys show off their hip-hop dance moves, forgetting for a moment that the view outside the classroom shows evidence of last November's  bombing campaign. For the innocence of childhood to be replaced by the trauma of a cruel and  willful destruction is criminal. 

April 17 is Palestine Political Prisoners Day. The little girl is awaiting the day that her brother will be released from prison. Since 2000 more then 8,000 children have been detained.