Saturday, October 22, 2011

Olive Harvest Under Occupation

For generations Palestinian families have rejoiced during the olive harvest season. With the deepening of the military occupation, farm land has been continually confiscated to make room for ever-expanding illegal and racist settlements. Trees on Palestinian-owned land are uprooted to be replaced by Jewish-only housing projects, or else for the equally illegal Separation Wall. Joy borne of an abundant harvest is replaced by the trauma of life under military rule. Internationals are needed to prevent settler-mediated violence, and of course to help with the olive picking itself. The work is at times hard in the blazing sun. The deep appreciation received for our small efforts is enormously gratifying. Showing the people that they are not forsaken by the world and that in spite of governmental inaction, civil society is united in solidarity with them is vital in countering the hopeless that comes from decades of massive human rights violations.

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