Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Poor Electoral Choice - Ecocide is Suicide

I feel disappointed in the voting behaviour of the people of BC. The result of yesterday's provincial election points to a selfish short-sightedness. The people chose short term economic gain, while ignoring the long term risks of environmental devastation associated with increased reliance on carbon fuel - fracking in BC, and transporting Alberta tar sands to our pristine coast by tankers and pipelines.

The result of the elections can, at least in part, be interpreted as a shameful nod of support for an outdated and unsustainable model that places mindless consumption ahead of environmental  stewardship. We are intrinsically connected to Nature. Destroying her is destroying us; ecocide is suicide.

The BC vote also appears to reflect the electorate's willingness to establish closer ties to Harper's dangerous and unethical profit-at-all costs agenda that is gradually wrecking this country  and  causing upheaval around the world.

Perhaps it's time to initiate a support group for those afflicted with post-election dysphoria.

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