Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Instead of Demanding a Stop to War Crimes, Harper Government Facitates and Exploits the Horror

We are all sifting through powerful images, heartfelt personal accounts, and numerous articles about the horrible events unfolding in Palestine. It is easy to miss certain items that can't be allowed to slip out of awareness. I think this is one. If you haven't already seen this sickening election video put out by the Harper Government - at the very time that the Gaza crisis is intensifying, I am posting it here.

It is hard to imagine a more callous, morally depraved, self-serving exploitation of the suffering of others.

Israeli forces have now killed more then 650 Palestinians in Gaza. 170 of them are children. My sign at Saturday's demonstration indicated that 65 kids were killed. That's an additional mind-numbing, heartbreaking 105 more children killed in the past three days! 

It is extremely disturbing that the Canadian Government feels it is OK to facilitate these unspeakable crimes and to cynically use this unfathomable  crisis to try and further their political standing.

Harper Government's Campaign Video

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