Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Dual Pilgrim: El Camino de Santiago to Kumano Kodo

Many years after walking in the footsteps of St. James along the Camino de Santiago from The French Pyrenees to Galicia in Western Spain,  I  more recenltly walked across Japan's Kii Peninsula to complete the Kumano Kodo. UNESCO has designated these two long distance trails as World Heritage pilgrimage routes. Those who complete both are recognized as Dual Pilgrims. Taking my first steps on the Way of Saint James in 2000, one can say that I took seventeen years to complete the journey across Spain's Christian Medieval pilgrimage route and on through the thousand year-old Japanese Shinto-Buddhist pilgrims' path. In truth, I am still walking the Way.


  1. peaceful pictures for a peaceful soul

  2. Thanks for your visit. Easy enough to feel peaceful in such a peaceful place. The challenge seems to be able to maintain that feeling upon returning to our more hectic worlds.

  3. Pictures of a perpetual pilgrim, pristinely presented...Nice work, Bro...